Captain Courses

A relaxed and fun approach. Travelling round islands and tourist destinations.

The course takes place on a sailing boat, catamaran or a motor boat in Croatia. The size of the boat depends on the number of clients. There are usually more boats sailing at the same time. There are 6 - 8 clients per boat. The courses takes place on good quality, verified marine yachts. The courses are weekly, they start and end on a Saturday. They take place in spring and autumn months.

During one week practical course, clients learn general yacht handling and sailing, berthing, setting sail, mooring, they learn to identify and forecast the weather, they learn the basics of Colregs 1972 navigation, they learnt knots, sailing at night, and if the weather allows (and it usually does), sailing in adverse weather conditions. The course is completed with a practical exam performed on site on the last day of the course. After completing the one week course, clients should be able to navigate and handle their own or rented sailing boat. The course has been designed in accordance with the syllabus determined by the Maritime Office of the Ministry of Transport.

Please contact us for prices.

The price usually includes: boat rental, cleaning, a dinghy engine, a textbook, an instructor, secure parking in the Marina, a set of maritime maps, a club card with a discount for goods and services purchased from the Group,

The price does not include: transport to the place, food on board, a fee for the final Captain´s exams before the authorities, fuel, mooring and harbour fees.

Please do not forget to read the General Terms of Trade - Captain Course. Všeobecné obchodní podmínky - Kapitánský kurz