Croatian Sailing License

Croatia is now an EU member, and therefore licenses issued in Croatia are acknowledged even more than before. The Croatian Sailing License is for sailing in the territorial waters of Croatia but the member states in the Mediterranean completely and fully accept the category B License (This License entitles the holder to navigate any (even commercial) boat of 30 BT discharge in the territorial waters of Croatia). You can obtain both a B category license but also a C category license, which is the highest.

All course participants receive textbooks to learn the theory essential for the exams. On the last day, an approximately 15 minute long oral exam in Czech is held in the Captain´s office in Zadar. After having completed the exam successfully, course participants are issued a Croatian Sailing License Category B (issued by the Maritime Ministry of Croatia); the License also entitles holders to navigate maritime radio stations which is essential in Croatia.  This license entitles holders to navigate any (even commercial) boats of up to 30 BT discharge in the territorial waters of Croatia.

We also offer a Croatian Captain´s Course for Catamarans which has been very popular.

Other license categories, entitling the holder to sail outside the territorial waters of Croatia, can be acquired based on another exam which can be passed one year after passing category B. Details on the license C category will soon be published on this website.

The week will be packed with fun, sports, and learning whatever is necessary in preparation for the final exams. The courses are held exclusively in Croatia, apart from the courses for the license to navigate maritime yachts which is issued by the MDCŘ.


Overview of Captain Courses 2015 - Croatian License.

We offer a discount of 1,000.- for bookings made by 25.12.2014!!!

CourseDate-fromDate-toPriceAvailable places 
Kapitánský kurz 115.05.202122.05.202113 000 Kč20/40Book
Kapitánský kurz 204.09.202111.09.202113 000 Kč28/40Book

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