International Czech licenses, issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

The licenses are divided as follows:

C - Yachtmaster Coastal - entitled to handle a yacht up to 16 m in length within 20 Nm from the coast line if the wind speed does not exceed 4 on the Beafort scale.
B - Yachtmaster Offshore - entitled to handle a yacht up to 24 m in length on sea within 200 Nm from the coast line.
A – Yachtmaster Ocean - entitled to handle a yacht up to 24 m in length on the open sea without any restrictions.

Holders of captain licenses can rent a boat anywhere in the world. However, the role of our training centre does not end there. Each year we organise for our graduates meetings, joint sailing tours and crossings. We also rent boats to them under special conditions. With many of them we have become friends for life.


International Licence issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, C category. Takes place in the Maritime Yachting Training Centre in Prague. Training in groups of 10 - 30 people. The price includes an instructor, textbooks, teaching materials, maps.

Outline for the Czech Course and Radio Telephonist Course (not applicable for the training centre Yacht School in Croatia):

The course consists of two parts, theory and practice.

The theory course for captains lasts 5 days and includes circa 50 teaching hours. The price of the course includes textbooks, navigation rulers, navigation, maps and other aids.

In accordance with the syllabus of the Maritime Office of the Ministry of Transport, nautical science, meteorology, health and safety, Colreg 1972 navigation, basic English, boat instruments, maritime ethics, etc.

A radiotelephone course is sometimes also taught as part of the Captain´s Course (for some types of standard licenses this course is not required). The course lasts one day and applicants receive relevant textbooks. Captain´s licenses are issued if exams are passed successfully, and a "limited radio telephonist license" (for C voyages) or a "general radio telephonist license" are awarded (for voyages "B" and "A").

The courses do not condition each other, i.e. who owns a "limited radio telephonist license" does not have to participate in the radio telephonist course (or pay it) and vice versa.

After the radio telephonist course and theory lessons, applicants have 14 days for self-study, followed by a state exam before a committee appointed by the Maritime Office of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. The exam is taken either in Brno or Prague, as agreed with the clients.

One week later, an exam is taken before an exam committee of the Czech Telecommunication Office - Department of the Frequency Spectrum Management.

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